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Are you voting in person this July 7th?

Fighting for communities around New Jersey for over 35 years.

My name is Lawrence Hamm and I am a candidate for U.S. Senator. I am on the ballot and running in the New Jersey Democratic Primary Election.

I am a grassroots human and civil rights activist who has been fighting racial, social, economic justice and peace forover 35 years.

I am on the ballot and running in the New Jersey Democratic Primary Election.

I ask you to please vote for me as soon as you receive your ballot in the mail. You can vote until Election Day, Tuesday, July 7, 2020.

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About Lawrence Hamm

Raised in Newark New Jersey, he attended public schools and emerged at age 17 as a forceful and articulate spokesperson for the educational needs and aspirations of Newark students and the community.

Lawrence Hamm has been a relentless advocate for African-Americans and the cause of human rights and civil rights for all oppressed people for more than 35 years.

Mr. Hamm is in demand as a public speaker and has addressed audiences throughout the United States and in other countries.  He is the proud father of three daughters, Laini, Nia, and Imani, all of whom are college graduates.

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some of the issues i will fight for:


Today, more than 30 million Americans still don’t have health insurance and even more are underinsured. Even for those with insurance, costs are so high that medical bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States. Incredibly, we spend significantly more of our national GDP on this inadequate health care system—far more per person than any other major country. And despite doing so, Americans have worse health outcomes and a higher infant mortality rate than countries that spend much less on health care. Our people deserve better.We should be spending money on doctors, nurses, mental health specialists, dentists, and other professionals who provide services to people and improve their lives. We must invest in the development of new drugs and technologies that cure disease and alleviate pain—not wasting hundreds of billions of dollars a year on profiteering, huge executive compensation packages, and outrageous administrative costs. The giant pharmaceutical and health insurance lobbies have spent billions of dollars over the past decades to ensure that their profits come before the health of the American people. We must defeat them, together. That means joining every other major country on Earth and guaranteeing health care to all people as a right, not a privilege, through a Medicare-for-all, single-payer program.


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Social Justice

It’s time to treat structural racism with the urgency it deserves. In order to transform this country into a nation that affirms the value of its people of color, we must address the five central types of violence waged against black, brown and indigenous Americans: physical, political, legal, economic and environmental.


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Reparations for African-Americans

Government-sanctioned enslavement of Africans for the exploitation of free labor from 1619-1865, was the early economic engine of America and benefited wealthy white planters, banks, corporations, and society until now.


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Reparations for Slavery

The time is now. It’s time to treat structural racism with the urgency it deserves. I am committed to fight for reparations for hundreds of years of slavery.

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